IMG Producer Area

IMG Producer Area

New Producer Contracting

IMG New Producer Contracting

Please complete the form below to contract with IMG in order to sell our international medical insurance plans, including travel medical, international health, and international private medical insurance plans.

In order to contract with IMG to sell iTravelInsured travel protection plans, please “click here” and complete the form.

If you are already contracted with IMG and need access to our online Producer Area, please go to the "New User Registration Form".

Please note, the following form is only for licensed insurance agents. If you are a current policy holder and wish to manage your insurance plan, please go to MyIMG.

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Commissions and renewal commissions equal to the percentages shown shall apply to premiums received on Certificates placed in force under this Producer Agreement (Agent) during the effectiveness of this Schedule, excluding applicable taxes, if any. Commissions and renewal commissions, bonuses or other compensation which IMG pays directly to Sub-Producers or their executors, administrators, surviving spouses, or estates.

  Commission (%)
Certificate Year 1
Renewal commissions (%)
Certificate Years 2 plus
Patriot Series 10 N/A
Global Series 15 5
GEO / GEM 6 (Dental 4%) 6 (Dental 4%)

Monthly Commissions are calculated using the following formula:

Monthly Gross Premium - Applicable Surplus Lines Taxes X Commission Percentage = Gross Commission

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