IMG Platinum Getaway

IMG is a producer-driven and producer-focused company. We are focused on growing and developing alongside our producers. One way we encourage continuous improvement and sales growth is through our lucrative producer bonus program. This unique bonus program gives you the opportunity to not only earn an annual cash bonus, but if you qualify at the Platinum Level, you will also receive an invitation to our exclusive Platinum Getaway trip.

Group photo at the Panama Canal

Incentive Trip

Years ago, incentive trips were common to provide the year's top earners as a gracious 'thank you' and opportunity to engage with company leadership. IMG is one of the few companies that still offers the incentive of a Platinum Getaway trip. Our trip is packed with value, primarily through relationship building and strategic business discussions. Not to mention, the last Platinum Getaway was hosted in beautiful Panama! At the getaway, IMG provided the Platinum Producers with in-depth meetings to discuss the following topics:

  • IMG State of the Union – 2018 Review and 2019 Goals
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Building Through Producer Recruitment
  • Website Tools and Digital Strategy
  • Executive Advisory Sessions

“My favorite part of the getaway is the one-on-one time we get to spend with the IMG executives. I truly feel like my voice can be heard and valued”- Platinum Producer

2019 Platinum Getaway Recap

After our meetings in the morning, the IMG staff, Platinum Producers, and their guests headed out for some fun and explored Panama through several different excursions and cultural events.

We toured the Panama Canal which included a visit to the Canal's museum. We also watched several ships pass through, which was breathtaking.

We spent another afternoon exploring the “Old City” of Panama – Casco Viejo. Our walking tour took us to many different destinations from architecture under renovation to churches in pristine beauty. Due to its UNESCO status, the buildings are restored to their colonial designs and original pastel colors. We tried Panamanian Coffee, snacks, and did some souvenir shopping for our loved ones at home.

Traditional dinner in Panama

We experienced authentic Panamanian Food at a local restaurant in downtown Panama City. We were treated to live music and dancing from a local performing group, and even got invited on stage to dance for the last song.

Monkey Island in Panama

On our final full day, we traveled to the Gamboa Rainforest. Some of us had to hold our breath as we ascended above the rainforest canopy in a 30-minute gondola ride. Once we reached the top, we continued even higher up to the 100-foot lookout tower to see the entire rainforest.

Sloth sanctuary in Panama

After the rainforest tour, we explored the resort’s botanical gardens, butterfly farm, frog garden, and the Sloth Sanctuary. The sloths were quite active for our visit. Turns out – they are slow in nature because they do not eat enough nutrients.

Enjoying a boat ride in Panama

Finally, we took a boat ride to monkey island in Gatun Lake. We came face to face with local wildlife – monkeys, toucans and crocodiles.

Closing & Announcement for the 2020 Platinum Getaway

Every year, our closing dinner echoes our appreciation for our producers, as well as our focus to build on success in the years to come. Every year, we announce the location of our next Platinum Getaway. Previous events were hosted in The Bahamas, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and Aruba.

It is our pleasure to announce that our 2020 Platinum Getaway will be hosted in Duck Key, Florida. We hope to see you there!