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Introducing MyIMG Travel Intelligence

If you missed the latest press release, IMG is offering more value to our international private medical insurance policy holders and institutional clients with the introduction of MyIMG Travel Intelligence.

MyIMG Travel Intelligence is a 24/7, intelligence-driven solution that proactively identifies potentially disruptive local events and alerts IMG members. More than 36,000 alerts have been issued since 2013. These location specific alerts include warnings about severe weather, transportation, environment, health, security, and technology events that may impact travel.

What does this mean for your customers and clients?

As we continue to find ways to provide more value and services to our members, effective January 2, 2019, MyIMG Travel Intelligence will be included with IMG’s international private medical insurance plans (IPMI). This service will be accessible through the MyIMG portal.

With the rising number of potential travel risks in the world today, MyIMG Travel Intelligence will provide value beyond our members’ health insurance coverage by also helping them proactively plan for and mitigate risks while traveling and living internationally.

As an example of how this service will benefit members, in 2016, the Zika virus was spreading quickly throughout South and Central America and the Caribbean, posing a threat to all traveling to or living in the affected areas. With MyIMG Travel Intelligence, participating members traveling to or living in the affected areas would be sent an alert with information about the disease and tips for how to stay safe.

Weather alerts regarding hurricanes, volcanoes, blizzards, floods, and more will be sent out in a similar manner, meaning insureds won’t need to tune into the local news or worry about unexpected events that may arise as alerts will be emailed to them as soon as they become available. By providing this level of proactive, travel preparedness, your customers can travel with more ease than ever before.

In addition to real-time security alerts, we are also offering members access to destination reports that feature exclusive information regarding security, health, entry/exit, culture, communication/technology, legal, and language information for any country their employees or travelers may be headed to, allowing them to be as prepared as possible while traveling or living internationally.

These travel risk management services are valuable to your clients because they help to prepare and mitigate risks before they happen, reducing costs and the impact to employees or travelers. This is an excellent added value that you should bring up to your clients during their renewal period and to potential new clients. With access to a service that automates and reduces travel risks, your clients can rest assured that IMG is continuing to provide global peace of mind.

For more information about MyIMG Travel Intelligence, affected plans, or service offerings for institutional clients, please reach out to your IMG account executive or the Sales Service Center at (317) 655-9799.