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  • Summer 2023 European Broker Newsletter

    Customer Service Update

    To help our customers get started on their claims, IMG has produced a new one-page guide. It also shows how we’re committed to developing our processes to ensure the best customer experience possible, and to tell us more, we caught up with our European Director of Operations, ...

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  • Autumn Newsletter

    IMG Welcomes Sophie Cummins

    In September this year, IMG appointed Sophie Cummins to head up business expansionplans in the UK and Rest of World. We caught up with Sophie to find out how things are going.

    Why is IMG focusing on these regions?

    There is lots of potential in the ...

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  • European Newsletter - August 2022

    Customer Journey Enhancements

    When Kevin Melton joined IMG in September as Global Head of IPMI, he knew that despite fierce competition, IMG was on its way to being one of the top international insurance providers in its sector. In this article, Kevin shares how IMG is enhancing the customer journey....

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  • Overcoming Objections

    Most often, there are multiple products or services that may meet the customer’s needs, and as a salesperson, it’s your job to differentiate yourself. When it comes to the traditional sales process, knowing how to handle objections effectively can mean the difference between winning the sale or suffering that sinking ...

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  • Year in Review: 2018 Expatriate Trends

    In 2018, IMG provided international private medical insurance benefits and services to more expatriates than ever before. In total, IMG’s line of Global Medical Insurance products covered expats residing in over 200 countries across the world.

    IMG’s Top Expatriate Residence Locations

    IMG’s expatriate members were most likely to reside in ...

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  • Introducing MyIMG Travel Intelligence

    If you missed the latest press release, IMG is offering more value to our international private medical insurance policy holders and institutional clients with the introduction of MyIMG Travel Intelligence.

    MyIMG Travel Intelligence is a 24/7, intelligence-driven solution that proactively identifies potentially disruptive local events and alerts IMG members. ...

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  • How to Effectively Cross-Sell Travel Insurance

    Cross-selling is one of the most effective methods of both growing and retaining your client base. It is one of the least risky and most profitable actions you can take for your business.

    Oftentimes, cross-selling is confused with up-selling. When cross-selling, you’re not pushing a more expensive product, you’re providing ...

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  • Selling the Real Value of Travel Insurance

    When it comes to selling travel insurance of any kind (e.g. travel medical or trip cancellation), it’s vital you understand the need.

    Your clients are bound to ask, “why?” or “is it worth it?”—and that’s when you come in!

    The core value of travel insurance can be boiled down into ...

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